Covid-19 has forced us to focus on the here and now, but as we emerge from lockdown 3.0 we are seeing sights lifted to the future. Personal priorities and agendas are being reset. Much has been written about mass identity crises. What was previously accepted as unavoidable or non-negotiable —…

*The Wellbeing Hub

October 2nd 2019

Jane Booth, Owner of Opus 29 Consultancy (, and Alastair Lechler, Founder of ReBoot ( discuss the (often overlooked) link between identity and wellbeing

Jane has been working in the sports sector since 1997, she is now a people development specialist providing consultancy in the fields of…

Image credit @corporaterebels

November 28 2019

Populations keep growing, hence competition increases and the result is that people are working harder and longer. Cases of stress and burnout are on the rise. Information flows and is fed to us a greater rate than ever before. Technology is advancing faster than ever and not…

Alastair Lechler

Social entrepreneur, passionate about people, disruptive innovation - #techforgood, humanity in business. Edinburgh's Running Mayor & Founder of ReBoot CIC

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