Does a healthy body = a healthy mind? — Not for everyone..

Alastair Lechler
7 min readMar 30, 2021

August 21st 2019

ReBoot & The Mindful Enterprise joined forces to discuss what it takes in today’s world to stay healthy. Alastair Lechler interviews Gary Young and we share some thoughts on how to protect a positive mindset, and strategies to help manage stress.

Alastair: It has often been said that a healthy body equals a healthy mind.. But does it..? If I may, ask you, the reader — what you currently do to invest in your own wellbeing? For most people it seems to be one of, or a few of the following — exercise / reading / walking / yoga / painting / going away / socialising / digital detox.

How effectively does this help you to de-stress? How does stress manifest in your life? Could you spot the signs that might indicate risk of burnout? Does it affect those closest to you? Why not try scoring yourself out of 10..? How about asking your loved ones to score you out of 10..?!

One thing is certain — life isn’t always easy, and could be described as a series of stressful events!

Gary Young and I were introduced after I relocated from London to Edinburgh, and I have benefited from a mindfulness course run by Gary and The Mindful Enterprise.

Personally — I have benefited from applying some of the techniques taught by Gary and his team. At a high level — the non-striving and self-compassion elements resonated with me, as my default position is one of a fierce self-critic and relentlessly moving from goal to goal, without stopping to celebrate successes or appreciating the present moment.

Gary, you launched The Mindful Enterprise in 2016, what have you learnt about stress-management and peoples’ attitudes to self-care over the last few years?

Gary: In my experience accumulated stress, coupled with lack of personal awareness has become a societal epidemic. In a study conducted by Vitality, Rand Europe and University of Cambridge in 2018, it was estimated that workplace stress cost UK businesses £17.2bn in lost productivity.

Alastair Lechler

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